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Experiencing History of Inujima and Cultivating - IUI ARCHIVE

Experiencing History of Inujima and Cultivating

The Renovation of Inujima's Stone Quarry for Expressing The Fundamental History

Ozaki Jun'ichi

Master's 2nd year

Y-GSA Kazuyo Sejima Studio

Shape of Inujima was very deformed because of large-scale quarry (about 5 million cubic meters). So, the island was made surface of the ground even. Inujima's people life get to develop the flat ground. But now, the scene of life and tourism are overlapping with the flat ground because of quarry. The quarry hall becomes the deep pond. And there is no place for seeing the pond in Inujima, so we can't actually feel the history of quarry there. Therefore, I propose reconnecting the quarry hall to the flat ground, draining a pond, bringing the space of quarry back. I'd like to connect the quarry history of Inujima to the existing experience of the island by archiving the space of quarry for field of activities.

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