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Teramachi Style “community area” - IUI ARCHIVE

Teramachi Style “community area”

Living at the foot of Honmonji

Ayano Kusumoto

Master's 1nd year

Y-GSA Riken Yamamoto Studio

In the Ikegami area of ​​Ota Ward Tokyo, I try to make the Teramachi community area that Ikegami Honmonji will become a social infrastructure. Although small but diversified activities centering on Ikegami Honmonji Temple are occurring, the residential area and Honmonji are separated, and the current situation is that people in the area are not living at the foot of Ikegami Honmonji Temple. So, while using the existing town language, we will re-edit the landscape of the entire town by going down the wooden buildings. By inserting the architecture I designed in the town, a lot of approaching paths will be created, so that visitors can choose the roads themselves, and that a new experience to Honmonji will be spun are expected.

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