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Space to learn toward the ocean - IUI ARCHIVE

Space to learn toward the ocean

Kohei Yoneyama

Master's 2nd year

Y-GSA Maki Onishi Studio

I planed a school (high school) around “Ikeda no Sajiki” in Shodoshima. “Ikeda no Sajiki” was built with stone walls and is used as seats on the day of the festival (it is called “Sajiki” in Japanese) and is known as a reference to the festival square of the Expo. It was used in various ways in the long history, to the Haejoon, the bases of the boat, and the present festival square, and has continued increasing and arranging stone walls as necessary. As in the case of the Sajiki, we expanded another stone wall found around it to the sea and village and planned a place to learn with plenty of environment.

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