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Community route with small spaces for accepting activity - IUI ARCHIVE

Community route with small spaces for accepting activity

The Shodoshima Pilgrimage culture makes the new way of living without nursing homes

Hirose Haruka

Master's 2nd year

Y-GSA Maki Onishi Studio

In Shodoshima, they share a rich terrain, god, custom and have many traces of community. I suggest a new community that can live from the child to the elderly forever with a role each other in Shodoshima Pilgrimage route. As a result of planning the Sento,public bath, as a space for accepting activity, the boundary between the road and the house turns into small active spaces such as a small private residence, small dining room, and a place to sit etc. By small active space gathering, rich life with pilgrims, travelers and neighbor will spread to the Pilgrimage route.

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