A study on houses for farmers who produced silkworm eggs inShimamura

with a central focus Ryusaku area

Taisuke Kajino

Master's 2nd year


Sakaishimamura, Isesaki-shi, Gunma is the area where the name was known to for silkworm egg production outside the country, and many silkworm egg production private houses are still left. Including the Yahei Tajima former house where world's cultural heritage is one of the constitution assets of "Tomioka filature and the silk industry inheritance group", expectation of Shimamura increases recently. However, only Yahei Tajima former house and the neighboring districts are investigated, and the investigation of other districts does not advance. Therefore I investigated the private house of Ryusaku area seven of the inside and was intended to clarify the actual situation.

community development /

housing /

local /

restoration /

history /

tourism /

climate /

elderly people