Familes and gender of kopmos in Philippines through life stories

Korean-Filipino children who choose “kopinog”

Lee Eunmi

Master's 2nd year

Global Studies

‘Kopino’ is a term which refers children who are born between a Filipina mother and a Korean father, in the Philippines. Since 2008, they have been identified as a social problem because mass media and NGOs indicate that a lot of children were abandoned from their Korean father, and they live in poverty with their Filipino single mother. Until now, Studies about Kopino have been conducted by both Korean and Filipino researchers. But it is difficult to explore gender perspective from existing studies. This study explored the views of gender in Korea and the Philippines, and tried to reconsider how “Kopino problem” was made among them. And the study tried to define a new Kopino image as an active agent, not a passive victim by analyzing their life stories.

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